Roberto Sorrentino

The chef of High Quality Natural Gelato

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Roberto Sorrentino, master chef of High Quality Natural Gelato, creator of Puro® Gelato and founder of the Gelato Academy. Teacher at the Gelato Academy of Qingdao (China) and in Italy, Consultant for ice-cream shops.


curiosity, passion, energy and constant research are the bases of my work

Roberto Sorrentino

creativity and innovation must be supported by a strict knowledge of food chemistry

I like thinking of my job like an alchemist’s job


High Quality Natural Gelato
Only very high quality primary products for my Gelato.

The key words are:

territorio land

Research and valorization of the products of the territory

stagioni seasons

Seasonal nature
Care to use seasonal products, especially fruit and flowers

eccellenze excellences

Selection of excellence products, of PDO and PGI



Simple and genuine primary products like raw milk from red spotted cow, cream and fresh eggs



Biological fresh fruit perfectly ripe, low mineral content water



Selections of the best dry fruit (Hazel nuts PGI from Piedmont, the Pistachio from Bronte, Pine kernels from Pisa, the Gemella Pizzuta Almond from Avola), Gran Cru Ecuador Chocolate 70%, torrone…



… the suggestion of spices (cardamom, anise, Bengala black pepper, turmeric, vanilla, ginger..), infusions, and aromatic herbs

When you know the nature of a primary product deeply you can transform it the way you like, with it you can create, there are no more limits to its use


The High Quality Natural Gelato is the sugar-free Gelato, novelty of 2015. Forty-eight flavours sweetened only with Stevia Rebaudiana. Just primary products, without companies manufacturing semi finished products and mixes. Without hydrogenated fats, chemical emulsifiers and artificial food coloring

gelato alta qualita


The Puro® Gelato is the result of the challenge of creating, far from market policies and companies manufacturing semi finished products, a kind of Gelato without milk and by-products, gluten free and without sugar. Puro® is conceived for those who suffer of milk intolerance, people who suffer of celiac diseasediabetics and for those who follow vegan feeding, without being compelled to renounce good, creamy and obviously healthy and high quality Gelato.

Oro Selection is a Gelato made with a selection of dry fruit chosen amongst the best territory excellence products, PGI and POD: the Pistachio from Bronte, Hazel nuts PGI from Piedmont, the Gemella Pizzuta Almond from Avola, Pine kernels from Pisa, the Walnut from Sorrento.

pistachio hazelnut

The great satisfaction in my job is giving birth to a great smile in a child’s eyes, aware that what I do procures a moment of pleasure



Pilot project: the Gelato Academy of Udine. Born in 2013 has taken up the philosophy of High Quality Natural Gelato, and Puro® Gelato


In 2014 the establishment of the China Gelato Academy in Qingdao. An Academy for the diffusion of High Quality Natural Gelato

United Arab Emirates

Future projects: establishment of the Dubai Gelato Academy in the United Arab Emirates



Professional training


Gelato Academy: complete training, monothematic courses


Personalized ad hoc consultancy



Preparation of recipes


Curator, technical partner for the opening of new ice-cream shops in Italy and abroad


Roberto Sorrentino
Via Savorgnana, 16a — 33100 Udine — Italy
+39 340 1014316
P.I. 04600540233